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When we formed GT Tooling LTD in 2011, we did so on the principle of providing complete, engineered solutions with the goal of sustained yet gradual growth over time.

In 2021 we celebrated our decade of existence and set about defining a road-map for growth and improvement to drive us forward for the next ten years and beyond.

At the end of 2021 we, like many others in the industry, were reflecting on the challenges of the pandemic. After battling with enforced furloughs and delays on many long-term projects, we remained confident in our approach and certain of an upshift. This was mostly fuelled by our long-standing relationships with our customer base.

Consequently, we devised an investment plan to strengthen our capabilities and encourage growth. This involved recruiting some new team members and purchasing strategic upgrades for the shopfloor.

In January of 2023 we ordered two brand-new DMG Mori CMX70U 5-axis machining centres.

2 Brand New DMG CMX70U installed at GT Tooling LTD

These machines were to replace our two Bridgeport VMC mills that had served us well and were in fact the first machining centres we had owned at GT’s inception.

Our old faithful Bridgeport VMC 800

The aim was to increase 5 axis capability and capacity. These new machines increase our X Axis capability from 450mm to 750mm and double our 5-axis asset base from two to four mills.

DMG was our preferred choice as the performance of our existing machines has been exceptional and their reputation as a global leader in class is well deserved.

The machines were delivered on Thursday August 3rd and were installed and fully commissioned by August the 10th. This was particularly impressive considering we also implemented a large-scale factory re-shuffle involving the re-positioning of eight machines!

Big thanks must be offered to CTC Europe who managed the logistics and the team from DMG who ensured efficient and effective installation.

The new machining centres have now been operational for approaching two months and we have already seen multiple benefits.

We are benefitting from improved performance, speed, and accuracy over the assets they replaced. Additionally, our lead-times have improved as we have reduced the need for multiple set-ups by utilising 5-axis capability.

Going forward we intend to further reduce machining and manufacturing times increasing efficiency to enable us to remain competitive in an increasingly tough environment.

We are proud of our development since 2011 but remain focussed on the future and supporting our customers old and new. Let’s keep pushing forward.

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