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Bring on Bahrain ….

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Uncertainty has surrounded so many industries with the challenges of the Pandemic and Brexit.

While some of our clients have been quieter than normal over the last twelve months, this has not been the case amongst our Formula 1 customers.

Since 2015 we have been supporting various teams with their pre-season development and innovation. From November through to late February we welcome an influx of projects ranging from small fixture components to full composite mould tooling.

As we approach the start of the 2022 Formula 1 Season in Bahrain, we have been busy processing work through the workshop whilst tackling challenges such as rising Aluminium and energy costs. (For example, we have experienced increases in some Aluminium plate cost of 20% + since November).

Now with most of the urgent projects complete we are beginning to look forward with anticipation to the launch of the new cars and the excitement of the new season.

There has been much talk around the sweeping new regulations that have forced the new car designs with the focus on improving the spectacle. Will the rumoured redesign of Front Wings and Nose sections result in more overtaking and drivers racing closer to each other?

We are expecting to hear a great deal of commentary on ‘ground effect’ and will see what difference winglets and wheel covers (last seen in 2009) make to the racing. But in all honesty, I am personally looking forward to watching Verstappen and Hamilton go head-to-head.

With more teams hoping to make an impact this season, a fierce rivalry amongst the top drivers and the promise of closer racing this forthcoming season promises to be very exciting!

As ever we will be waiting in the wings to assist any developments and are about to invest in some new machinery with an eye already on development for the 2023 season.

All the best to all our clients and their drivers for the races ahead.

Bring on Bahrain….

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